-based on data provided by Hulu and published by FlixPatrol August 4, 2023

The unbelievable true story of Gerald Blanchard, one of the most creative, calculating and accomplished criminal masterminds in modern history. With savant-like skill and a peculiar pride, Blanchard’s decades-long crime spree ranged from shoplifting to bank robbery to the theft of a royal crown jewel. Told through the first-hand account of Blanchard himself and TWO unlikely Winnipeg detectives who tracked him across the globe, the film presents an offbeat, rollicking journey through a series of increasingly elaborate heists as Blanchard seeks fame and notoriety through a life of crime.


“A wild tale of a criminal mastermind.”
-LA Times

“Surprising and occasionally very humorous.”
– The Wall Street Journal

“Something straight out of a Hollywood Blockbuster.”

“Can only be described as equal parts bewildering, haunting, and shocking.”
-The Cinemaholic

“Jaw-dropping…get ready for an exhilarating and suspenseful cinematic experience.”
-News on Floor

“Director Landon Van Soest sets up the narrative as a suspenseful cat-and-mouse game.”
– Psychology Today

“It’s hard not to be captivated by this film.”
– Decider

“Offers a glimpse into a life that few people ever experience.”
– Rolling Stone

“A real-life Catch Me If You Can.”
– The Hollywood Reporter

“The Jewel Thief could easily double as the plot of a James Bond movie.”
– Bustle

“A must watch for anyone intrigued by the world of true crime.”
– News on Floor

It’s hard not to feel grudging respect for Gerald Daniel Blanchard’s long resume of crime — no matter what side of the law you’re on.”
– Associated Press

“The film goes beyond the details of Blanchard’s notable crown jewel robbery, uncovering his complex, world-spanning decades of crimes and the detectives who finally caught him.”
– Time

“A symphony of shadowy stories and dubious tales.”
– Hip Toro

“Visually, the movie evokes an Oceans Eleven vibe, complete with Soderbergh-style split screens and transitions, but tonally, it reminds me of the documentary version of The Staircase, which featured interviews with its subject, Michael Peterson, that left you wondering if he could be trusted.”
– Decider

The unbelievable true story of Hulu’s The Jewel Thief could easily double as the plot of a James Bond movie.”
– Bustle

“The Jewel Thief is a well-made, tight crime documentary that makes its subject look ingenious, but never anywhere close to the level of an anti-hero.”
– Review Geek

“Every so often a documentary comes out that’s truly going to have the internet talking, and here is one I think follows suit.”
– Big Gold Belt Media

“It’s hard out there for the discerning true crime fan. Amid a glut of superficial rehashes of famous cases, or bloated limited series on run-of-the-mill murders,  it’s hard to find anything truly new and juicy. You’re always on the lookout for an interesting, underexposed case, told with a good amount of access and a bit of flair. There’s something special, however, in Landon Van Soest’s The Jewel Thief.”
– Crime Reads

“’This is a true story,’ reads an opening subtitle in The Jewel Thief. Pause. ‘Mostly.’ The qualifier isn’t there because information wasn’t available, or because the documentary would have been more exciting had director Landon Van Soest massaged the facts. It is because—as a viewer will see to somewhat surprising and occasionally very humorous effect—the subject of the film is thoroughly untrustworthy.”
– Wall Street Journal

“The Jewel Thief is Hulu’s most watched movie worldwide.The Jewel Thief debuted on the streaming platform on July 13 of this year and although it took several weeks to reach the top 1, it has always occupied some position within the world ranking.Now it is not only the most watched documentary of all, but it also leads the U.S. chart, overall.”
– Bolavip, Aug 4th, 2023 

Directed by: Landon Van Soest
Produced by: Landon Van Soest, Josh Braun, Dan Braun, Ben Braun
Co-Produced by: Jessamyn Ansari
Cinematography: Ed David
Editor: Luis Carballar
Graphics and Animation: Mass FX
Music by: Brad Oberhofer