Light Darkness Light is the story of Ian Nichols, a 76-year-old blind Anglican priest, who becomes one of the first people in the world to attempt sight with an implanted bionic eye. Plunging from darkness into a world of abstract lights, Ian must fundamentally redefine how he perceives the world around him. Melding intimate first-person verité with cinematic memory sequences and depth sensor animation, Light Darkness Light presents an expansive personal odyssey that explores the nature of perception, memory, technology, and the very construct of reality.


Directed by: Landon Van Soest
Produced by: Tom Yellin, Jo Budzilowicz
Paul Trillo, Landon Van Soest
Director of Photography: Ed David
Edited by: Lily Henderson
Animation and Visual Effects: Paul Trillo
Original Music: Jay Wadley
Co-Production: The Documentary Group
Supported by: RYOT Films and Vice Films